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Dr Naifeh and his staff were terrific. They were very thorough and ensured that I fully understood the process, my options, and what to expect. Very pleased!
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Vein Disorders

At Total Vein Treatment Centers, we specialize in both surgical and non-surgical treatments of vein disorders, specifically varicose veins, spider veins and venous reflux disease. Led by Dr. Jerome Naifeh, our team of vein specialists utilizes the latest technologies and research to carefully treat the vein disorders. We use every reliable, proven method from simple lifestyle changes and diet, to non-invasive therapies like sclerotherapy, on up to the latest vascular surgery using radio-frequency ablation catheters to close malfunctioning veins.

Vascular Care in Plano

Many Americans’ lives are impacted by vein disorders. That makes our goal at Total Vein Treatment Centers simple: bring our patients back to living a fully active, healthy lifestyle. We accomplish this by properly diagnosing and effectively treating these many troublesome vein disorders.

Vein Problems Treated

Vein conditions that we treat include:

New Cash Pricing for Spider Vein Treatments

For most insurance plans, treating spider veins is considered cosmetic; meaning the insurance carrier will not cover the treatment. That is why we have created transparent cash pricing for treating spider veins. We have also included special spider vein treatment packages priced to help our patients save money.

Quality Care for Spider Vein Disorders

We understand veins and proven experience in the diagnosis and treatment of vein disorders. With over 20 years’ experience, Dr Naifeh offers compassionate care for patients in Dallas TX, Plano TX and surrounding areas of Dallas-Fort Worth. The outstanding results seen in his many happy patients show the success of his personalized approach to vein care. He is qualified in vascular surgery and general surgery, while also demonstrating his skill for knowing exactly how to provide relief to patients with vein disorders of all types.

Vein doctors often diagnose vein conditions like varicose veins based on a physical exam alone, but additional tests are sometimes used to pinpoint the problem or rule out other venous disorders. With a physical exam, Dr. Naifeh checks for varicose veins in your legs while you’re standing or sitting with your legs dangling. He asks about your signs and symptoms, including any leg pain you’re having. Tests may be recommended such as ultrasound to check blood flow and detect blood clots. An angiogram helps get a more detailed look at the blood flow through your veins as a dye is injected and tracked on X-ray.

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