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Vein Treatment Information


Spider Vein Treatment

We treat spider veins in our office. Our treatments are safe and effective. We perform sclerotherapy for treating spider veins.

Tips Before Spider Vein Treatments

  • Complete the patient paperwork before your appointment.
  • Bring shorts to the appointment to change into. If needed, we provide disposable shorts for your appointment.
  • Consider purchasing Dermaka cream to help the healing process. For your convenience, we now sell Dermaka at the clinic.


Varicose Vein Surgery

Dr. Naifeh and his medical staff will explain in detail what you should expect if you are having vein surgery.

Tips Before Your Vein Surgery

  • If you take daily medication, it can be taken after your procedures (or as the doctor suggests) Do not eat or drink anything after midnight. This includes water, chewing gum, mints and tobacco.
  • Stop taking supplements such as A, D, E vitamins, garlic, fish oil, and/or CoQ10 products two days prior to surgery.
  • Stop taking aspirin or blood thinners, if possible, one week prior to surgery. You need to discuss any questions about medications with your prescribing physician.
  • Plan to stay off your feet or relaxing the entire day. Most patients return to normal activities the following day.
  • Smokers: Do not smoke for 24-48 hours before surgery to strengthen your breathing. Your physician may request a longer smoking cessation period.
  • Arrange for a responsible adult to drive you home from Total Vein Treatment Centers.
  • For your safety and comfort, inform us of any chronic illness/conditions, prescription medications, durable medical equipment or implants (which usually require treatment of antibiotics prior to most procedures).

The Day of Your Vein Treatment

  • You may brush your teeth on the morning of surgery, but do not swallow any water.
  • Bathe or shower to reduce the chance of infection. Do not shave the surgical area for 24 hours before surgery.
  • Do not wear makeup or nail polish. Remove any acrylic nails or tips.
  • Arrive at the facility at the time directed. Your surgery could be canceled if you do not arrive on time.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to get on/off.
  • Leave valuables at home (i.e. watches, jewelry).
  • If you wear glasses, contacts, or hearing aids, bring along a case in which to store them during surgery.
  • If you wear dentures or removable bridgework, etc., remove them before surgery or as directed by the anesthesia provider.
  • If you have a cold, a fever of 100ºF or higher, a skin rash, or an infection of any kind, notify your physician before surgery.
  • Check your blood glucose level if you are a diabetic.
  • Arrange for an interpreter if you do not speak English.
  • Bring two tubes of 1% cortisone cream with you.
  • If you do not have compression garment(s), arrange to have them there with the vein center staff.

After Vein Surgery

  • For your own safety, a responsible adult MUST drive you home.
  • You will be given detailed instructions for your postoperative care.
  • You will be discharged when deemed ready and meet all discharge criteria
  • If you haven’t already arranged for your follow-up appointment, please do so. These are scheduled for 5-7 days post-op or sooner depending on Dr. Naifeh’s orders.
  • Keep your legs elevated as much as possible during the first 24 hours.

We Are Accepting New Patients

For an appointment about your specific vascular disorder and vein treatments, contact Total Vein Treatment Centers online or call us at (214) 380-0799.


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