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Varicose Vein Treatment in Plano

plano varicose ven treatmentConsidered the top varicose vein treatment center in Plano, Total Vein Treatment Centers offers a variety of treatment options to remove varicose veins. While treating varicose veins can at times be delicate, more often than not it can be more difficult getting insurance companies to cover the procedure.

There are many guidelines that need to be followed and they are specific to each insurance company. Examples including vein size and pain level are just a few of the guidelines that each insurance will look for at the time a prior authorization is submitted.

Pre-Authorizing Treatment

At Total Vein Treatment Centers, we are very aware of the importance of obtaining authorization by in the insurance carrier prior to treatment. We know what the insurance company needs to determine authorization for varicose vein treatments. Our medical staff works with many insurance companies, providing the proper clinical notes and ultrasound reports.

First Treatment Only $50

For those who do not have insurance, or those whose insurance has denied coverage for varicose vein treatments, we offer an introductory price of $50. Your first introductory offer is $50.  We start with a consultation.  Afterwards, a licensed professional injects unwanted veins with a  foam or a special liquid sclerotherapy solution.  The solution collapses the veins, gradually fading them from view.  The size and number of veins will determine the number of sessions necessary for optimal results.  Because of the demand for this offer, an appointment is necessary.  The initial $50 offer is a onetime price inclusive of other deals we offer including Groupon.  All treatments thereafter are $150.

Knowing Your Out-of-Pocket Expense

Knowing what your portion of the treatment will cost you will help you decide if varicose vein treatment is possible. You will hopefully better understand what your deductible, co-insurance and out of pocket max are and how they apply to the treatments you receive at Total Vein Treatment Centers

.Schedule Plano Varicose Vein Treatment Appointment

Getting started with your new patient appointment will not only educate you on insurance requirements and cost but will also get you started with those requirements and be ready if your deductible is met for the year.